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Haramaya university is found in East Hararghe Zone, 526km from the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba

Housing is the major problem in our country especially in Haramaya universities. Many of workers are living in Harar city using their house allowance from HU and also they live in other settlement around Hararghe zone. Due to the above, Haramaya University also begun building houses for staffs before many years to convert house allowance given for staff workers by cash, to make workers to finish their job efficiently, to minimize tansportation of workers who came from Harar City, to make employers to live together on the same area, to minimize house costs for staff members. Haramaya University builds more than 50 Villa homes, more than 200 Apartments are finished and residents are living there, 23 condominiums are under construction on the gandamude kebele. From this Condominium there are 3 types of building shapes with number of how much they accommodate employees of HU such as M Block used for 24 employees at once, LB Block used for 16 employees at once and T Block give service for 16 applicants, and two resident’s houses are serving staffs members in Harar city Keleda Amba sub city, this two condominium building are (accommodates) sufficient space for 31 persons. Haramaya University give house for workers who have great points during competition required from him before the award day is begin. In Haramaya University, there are now best and fast house management system which manages houses.